The Foundation for Public School Education needs your help to fund the Foundation's Campaign for Academic Excellence!

The Foundation will use your gifts to provide a resource to Bulloch County public school students and teachers that cannot be met through governmental funding resources.  Consider any or all of these possible methods for sharing your resources as we work together for the improvements in educational opportunities for Bulloch County's public school children:

Cash.  Send us a check today in any amount! Boys and Girls in our schools will thank you for your generosity.
Annual Gift.
  Set up an annual gift to the Foundation. Call us and we will show you how easily your wishes can be put into motion.
Payroll Deduction. 
Many local businesses can deduct your gift from your payroll checks in any amount you designate. Consider a modest gift of just $1 per week to start. Talk to your company's Human Resources or Payroll Department.
Major Gifts. 
The Foundation would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you a major gift to be used either for general funding of the Foundation's work or for designated areas you specify. Your Major Gift can be paid at one time or over a period of time of up to three years.
Deferred Gifts. 
The Foundation will be glad to work with your attorney, accountant, or financial planner in setting up the appropriate instrument for your Deferred Gifts to the Foundation. Wills, life estates, life insurance, and many other opportunities are available.
Grants.  The Foundation is always looking for opportunities to apply for grants that may be available from a number of public or private foundations or organizations. If you know of such an organization, tell us about it and someone from our organization will happily follow-up on your suggestions.

Expect Excellence!
Wall of Honor

Join with others who share your dreams of making Bulloch County Public Schools the best they can possibly be.

The names of donors of $250 or more will be displayed at the Bulloch County Board of Education offices and listed on the Foundation's website.